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Dove Pettit, Reiki, Greenville Sc
Dove Pettit, Reiki, Greenville SC

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a precise, ancient system of healing, harmonizing and balancing energy. It was rediscovered in the late
1800’s by a Japanese man, Dr. Mikao Usui.  

One of the translations of the word Reiki is “universal life energy”. The universal life energy of Reiki possesses
wisdom of its own. Reiki energy cannot be manipulated; it is naturally attracted to wherever imbalances exist.Reiki
is an energy system of healing; it is not a religion.

Reiki works on many levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic. We are all born with an
innate gift of healing.  Reiki  reveals the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself, bringing the body into harmony by
relieving physical and emotional blockages. Reiki helps to heal the body and the mind. It helps the body return to
its own perfection, whatever that might be, by healing the cause and eliminating the effect. Reiki is deeply relaxing.

To learn more about Reiki or to schedule a session, contact Dove by clicking on "Contact Dove"
above or by calling Dove at (864) 201-5725.

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Dove's Healing Touch

  • $  40. - 30 Minutes (First Visit: $45.)
  • $  75. - 1 Hour (First Visit: $80.)
  • $110. - 1 1/2 Hour (First Visit: $110.)

**Rates subject to change without notice.**