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Why Learn Reiki?

Would you like to reduce the stress in your daily life?  Do you feel a need to
balance your emotions?  Would you like to release blocked energy and
allow your body to return to its natural rhythm?  When we heal in mind, body,
and spirit, we are better able to cope with the stresses in our lives.  
Learning Reiki opens you up to profound experiences which will change
your life in new and positive ways.  

Reiki I - This class provides you with an introduction to the history of Reiki
and its healing concepts.  In the class, you will learn to perform a Reiki  
treatment on yourself and on another by specific placement of your hands.

Reiki II - In this class you will learn how to send Reiki from a distance.

Reiki III -  Reiki III is the Master level class.  In this class you will receive the
information necessary to teach/enable another to perform Reiki.

To learn more about Reiki classes, contact Dove by clicking on
"Contact Dove" above or by calling Dove at (864) 201-5275.

  • $150.00 - REIKI I
  • $200.00 - REIKI II
  • $350.00 - REIKI III

**Rates are subject to change without notice.**
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