1 Chick Springs Road
Suite 111
Greenville, SC 29609

(864) 201-5725
Copyright 2006-2018, all rights reserved, Shirley "Dove" Pettit, LMBT
SC Lic. #1464

"Some people have skilled hands and give a good massage.  Others have healing
hands.  It's rare to find someone who has both technical expertise and healing
hands.  Dove has the best of both worlds!"  Dr. Gina Alexander, D.C.

"Dove's massage relaxes the muscles and calms the mind.  It is a treat worth
indulging in!  A good prescription for health."  Jennifer Van Dillen, Occupational

"After having massages from many gifted people around the world, I can truly say
that Dove Pettit ranks among the very best.  She definitely gets great results."  Ted
Rozema, M.D.

"Anyone experiencing Dove's music is blessed and certainly aware that the beautiful energy comes from
higher realms.  You will experience deeper levels of love, joy, and wisdom that will bring inspiration and
delight.  Her music is, for me and for many others, a short-cut to God."  Ruth Looper

"Of all the music that I use for meditation, nothing resonates with my soul like the personalized music that
Dove recorded for me.  It is truly beautiful, inspiring, and enlightening."  Joe Gantt

"I often drift off to sleep listening to the soothing sounds of Dove's music.  One day, as I awoke from a nap
with her gentle music in the background, an answer to a perplexing problem was revealed to me.  I honestly
believe her music is divinely inspired."  Sharon Gantt

"Dove has a great gift.  Her music weaves magic and inspiration.  Whenever I am troubled, I listen to her
music.  It brings peace to my heart and my spirit feels connected and in harmony."  Betsy Shoolbred
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